We have design and technology in our DNA

At Concert, we are led by designers, architects and technology veterans with a mission to enable digital delivery.

Proudly backed by some of the leading firms

CONCERT is an independent software company built and funded by some of the largest A/E firms in the United States. ¬†Together these firms represent hundreds of millions of dollars of professional fees and billions of dollars in delivered projects. ‚ÄčThese firms are committed to developing CONCERT to optimize digital delivery and bring trusted data exchange to your entire project team.

Some of the people you'll be working with

Dan Noble

Board Member

Zach Gentry

CEO & Co-Founder

Noah Kindler

CPO & Co-Founder

David Starke

CTO & Co-Founder

Adam Wilbrecht

Chief Architect & Co-Founder

Martin Lee

Sr. Software Engineer

Tim Dufault

Board Member