Own the data
Own the value

Use the Concert Digital Exchange© to universally track,
control, version and sign your data.

Concert is a platform to record the history, version, authorship and timestamp of all of a project's files, in the public cloud. A user can then sign a set of the files and deliver them to customers and partners knowing that their IP and claims on the file are permanently recorded.

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Concert at a glance

Protect your IP and data by registering it in the Concert Digital Exchange, Creating collections of files and digitally signing

Register your files for universal version control
Create collections of files for delivery
Digitally sign your collections of files
Lookup any file in Concert's universal lookup

Purpose built for the design and construction industry.

CONCERT enables digital delivery with any file type, including PDFs and digital models, on The Concert Digital Exchange©, so designers can secure and protect their IP

Get Started

Powerful Dashboard to view all your registered files

Concert is enabled for an entire organization to view and know exactly which projects and files are permanently certified and protected


Here’s what our amazing
clients are saying

Heath May

Architect at HKS

“Concert gives us confidence that when we create IP - we can permanently have it certifed by a third party so we know its ours, and so does everyone else.”

Adam Wilbrecht

Architect at Cuningham

“Unlike lots of tools for design, Concert was easy to get started and use and our whole organization has started making sure we're protected.”

Cory Brugger

Architect at HKS

"Finally, we can do true digital delivery."

Ersad Samuel

Another Architect

"I have confidence that my clients are using the most recent versions of our models."


Frequently Asked

We already use BIM360, do we need Concert?

Concert works well with BIM360 users. With Concert, you can ensure that the permanent versions of your files are known with the most recent one always available to your clients.

What do I need to get started?

We are a SAAS product.  You can sign up and start using immediately.

Does Concert replace file storage?

Concert complements file storage. File storage changes over time and doesn't show the most recent version of a file, or which set of files was delivered.

What can I use Concert for?

Concert lets all architects and designers protect their work before sending it out in the world to designers, authorities or partners.

How do I reset my password?

Please go to the login screen and click on the forgot password button

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